Saturday, June 23, 2018

Benefits of Pubic hair care

If cared for properly, pubic hair men and women can bring a lot of healthy benefits for the body, what is it? refer to the following article

Some functions of pubic hair include:
1. Provide a sense of warmth around the pubic area
2. Function as a sign of sexual maturity
3. can reduce friction during intercourse
4. Protective region where the growth of pubic hair area because this area is quite sensitive
5. Therefore in the pubic hairs area there are many apocrine glands that function to secrete pheromones, the
smell of pheromones can attract the opposite sex, however the fur should not lengthen 

Here are the health benefits to be gained when men and women do routine pubic hair care :

Benefits of pubic hair care for men:
  • When Treated and shaved, will make the penis look bigger.
  • Pubic hair shaved, will make your oral sex more attractive to women 
  • pubic hair that was not cleaned, will increase the likelihood of bacterial growth and cause an infection.
Benefits of pubic hair care for women:
As with men, when the pubic hair in women is often shaved and trimmed, reducing the possibility of skin infections in the vagina. Therefore, drought and heat can increase the chances of something like that.

Pubic hair care tips for men and women:
Prior to shave and clean it, it's good for a hot shower first, in order to open the pores that exist around the pubic hair. Not only that, a warm bath also to soften the pubic hair.
Do not forget to moisturize after pubic hair care, in order to avoid irritation.

Equipment for the treatment of male pubic hair:
Choose the right cream to soften the hair follicles, and use the right knife.

Equipment for the treatment of female pubic hair:
Choose the right razor to shave the pubic area. Then, choose a gentle moisturizer and baby powder to reduce irritation after shaving.

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