Friday, June 22, 2018

7 Benefits Having Sex While Pregnancy

Not a few women who hesitate to have sex during pregnancy, this is because they worry will interfere with the development of the fetus that it contains. But actually, sex itself can help smooth the birth of the mother. This is because sperm produce prostaglandins when sex can have a contraction effect that can trigger an emphasis on the baby so that the baby's head easily get into the bottom of the pelvis.
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This means that with the sex, mother and baby it contains will not experience the danger as thought. However, you and your partner should remain vigilant during intercourse. The benefits that can be obtained when sex with a partner like the following:

Burn calories
The first benefit of having sex during pregnancy is to burn calories in the body first. The older the gestational age, usually the mother is required to lose weight, because obesity during pregnancy can have a bad impact and can lead to pregnancy at risk. However, with sex then you just do light exercise. Not only that, sex within 30 minutes can burn as many as 85 calories in the body. It's the same as when you walk 2 miles long.

Strengthen relationships
By having sex during pregnancy, then you and your husband will be more intimate by further strengthening the bond. When sex, then husband and wife will mutually attach the bonds of affection with a very intimate. It can also increase the production of oxytocin hormone by increasing sexual desire between the wife and husband.

Sleep gets better
For pregnant women, it is usually difficult to get enough sleep quality. But with a regular with her husband, will be able to increase the production of oxytocin hormone that plays a role to increase the quality of sleep of pregnant women. In addition, with adequate rest can also give a positive impact for the mother in the next day.

Reduce pain
Usually, hormone produced during sex especially at this stage of orgasm can minimize the pain experienced by pregnant women. Therefore, with sex all kinds of complaints of pain experienced by pregnant women will be reduced.

Preventing stress
During an elderly pregnancy, usually pregnant women experience depression and excessive anxiety due to the shadows of labor. However, by increasing the intensity of sex with a partner, then the mother will be easier to control stress and also will be more relaxed and relaxed facing the process of childbirth.

Strengthens pelvic muscles
By having regular sex with your husband, one of the positive benefits is to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles of the mother. Similarly, when you do gym-to-gel exercises during pregnancy. Not only that, other positive effects can also prevent the occurrence of drooping disorders or uterine prolapse when in old age.
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Nourish the heart
regular sex while pregnant can also minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart. It is also very important when facing the delivery process in pregnant women.

The baby inside the mother's womb is indeed protected by the wall of her uterus, and this part is very strong. The layers contained within it, such as the membranes and membranes also placenta also assure the comfort & safety of the fetus in it when the husband and wife sex relationship. Although it has been declared safe, however there are some things or conditions that need to be met to be able to have sex during pregnancy young (first trimester), namely:

- Pregnant women do not have a history of miscarriage
- During pregnancy, Mother does not often have cramps in her stomach
- There was never bleeding in the servis ks or cervix
- Mother placenta does not cover cervix

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