Tuesday, June 19, 2018

4 Most Benefits of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful Wow Moment for mothers. Indeed pregnancy does not just make you feel happy, you know. An information that I read in the forum of pregnant women said, pregnancy was also brought some benefits to the health of mother. Curious what? Here's more info, Mom!

1. Optimizing Body Resistance and Helping Against Parasites
During pregnancy, there is a cell exchange between mother and fetus through the placenta. Then, some of these fetal cells will settle in your body. According to the study, this has a positive impact on the body's ability to help fight parasites that potentially turn into cancer cells. That's why practically pregnancy can help minimize the risk of mother attacked by diseases such as cervical cancer for example.

2. Helps Reduce Pain during Menstruation
Do you often experience pain and stomach cramps during menstruation? If so, this disorder is likely to be less frequent Mother experience after passing the moment of pregnancy. Why? Because, during the 8-9 months of pregnancy, the hormones that work during menstruation turned into a hormone that works to prepare the body to face the process of childbirth.

After the baby is born, the function and hormone levels of this menstruation is also not directly back to normal. This is what makes the pain and abdominal cramps during menstruation was reduced after giving birth.

3. Helping Healthy Organs Heart and Heart
Still from the same forum, I also get info that pregnancy can help to make the heart and heart organ Mother become healthier. The reason, according to experts, increased levels of the hormone estrogen during pregnancy helps keep cholesterol production in the liver remains stable, so the risk of blocked blood vessels is getting smaller and the heart's performance becomes lighter, Mom.

4. Helps Improve Whole Body Health
In order to maintain the health of pregnant women and prospective baby in the womb, while pregnant, Mother is certainly more motivated to run a healthy lifestyle, yes. For example, Mothers start exercising more frequently, paying attention to personal hygiene and the environment, as well as choosing a nutritious intake rather than fast food.

Because it lasts long enough, ie 8-9 months, this healthy lifestyle is slowly become a habit, so you need to keep doing it even though it is not pregnant again. This certainly has a positive effect on your body's health as a whole, right?

Well, that's four positive effects of pregnancy for your health. Walk the pregnancy with a happy heart. Because, all the worries and changes experienced by pregnant women will disappear then and change into unparalleled happy feelings as Little is born. For more information, you can discuss with your doctor or midwife, yes.

Have a happy pregnancy, Mom!

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