Monday, March 13, 2017

Turmeric Tremendous Benefits For Health

Curcuma domestica Val or Curcuma longa is the Latin name of the plant turmeric. Curcuma longa is sometimes used to describe the shape of the finger turmeric rhizome. Turmeric belongs to the kingdom Plantae (plants), division Spermatophyta (seed plants), subdivision Angiospermae (drupe closed), class Monocotyledonae (seed dashed one), order zingiberales, family Zingiberceae, Curcuma genus, species of Curcuma domestica Val.

This plant originates from Southeast Asia and South Asia but now found in many other areas such as India, China, the Himalayas and Indonesia.

Turmeric is known as a food supplement that has a distinctive taste and color. Not only used as a spice in the kitchen, people often use to treat various health conditions. But the question, whether the claimed benefits of turmeric have been tested in terms of medical?

Turmeric is a spice that is very widely available in Asia, even some who make it as traditional herbs. No wonder because the benefits of plants / herbs is not only for cooking but also for health. Turmeric benefits include the most commonly known by the general public is for nursing mothers, for pregnant women and so on. Meanwhile, another benefit of turmeric is to clean your face and remove the black spots on the skin.

Turmeric has a chemical compound called curcumin. The substance has the potential to help the healing process in the body. Here are some of the benefits that may be obtained from turmeric:

  • Osteoarthritis. Turmeric is considered to help reduce pain in patients with osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joints to become painful, stiff, and lose flexibility. A study shows turmeric performance comparable to ibuprofen in osteoarthritis overcome. If you want to try to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis, you can consume turmeric extract dose of 500 mg twice daily.
  • Itchy skin. Based on an initial study, itchy skin can be overcome by eating products containing curcumin combined by black pepper or chilli extracts of herbs (long pepper).
  • Skin rashes. Redness of the skin condition can be overcome by consuming certain products containing the chemical element turmeric.
  • Menstruation problems. Surely you often see advertisements for beverages containing turmeric and is claimed to overcome the pain of menstruation. True, according to some studies, eating turmeric extract can alleviate the pain. However, further research is still needed to prove this.
  • Peptic ulcers. Several earlier studies have stated gastric ulcer pain can be overcome by eating turmeric.
  • Dyspepsia. Turmeric can stimulate the gallbladder to produce bile. It is considered to help improve digestion. According to the study, eating turmeric may also help reduce the symptoms of abdominal bloating in patients with dyspepsia.
  • Colorectal cancer (colon). Not only treat, according to some studies, turmeric can also be used to prevent people at risk for colon cancer by reducing the number of pre-cancerous gland in the body of the person. Tumor markers found to decrease colon cancer in some studies using turmeric.
Turmeric Side Effects even turmeric have a lot of health benefits, however dosage of turmeric should not exceed 500 mg per day per person. Avoid or consume 1,500 mg or more in order to minimize side effects. According to a report, when turmeric is consumed in excessive amounts it can make the heart beat becomes abnormal. Other side effects arising from the use of turmeric is not fair, namely:
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Disorders of the gallbladder.
  • Bleeding.
  • Liver disorders.
  • Uterine contractions.
  • Stomach and digestive disorders.
  • Reduce fertility in men.
Consumption of turmeric should be done with caution or avoided by pregnant and lactating women, diabetics, people with bleeding disorders, men who want to have children, the iron-deficient, and those who want to perform the operation.The benefits of turmeric is not yet fully sure. However, given the existing studies that give a positive value on the usefulness, there is no harm in trying treatment with this herbal plant. Even so, before taking turmeric as a medicine consult first with your doctor.

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